What to Eat in Lima

Lima was a relaxing spot for winding down after our Machu Picchu journey and before heading back to the states.

The city is cradled along a coastline that overlooks the Pacific ocean. The weather was quite chilly & foggy in September, but we found the coastal route an easy path for exploring some hotspots like Larcomar and the Park of Love.

We stayed in Miraflores, which is very similar to many western metropolitan areas. There are lots of restaurants, night life, shops, and parks. You can definitely make the most of it in 2 days. The district is known for its vibrant culinary scene, and we explored many places to eat. Here’s our list!



Where we Stayed

We stayed at a cute Airbnb in the Barranco district. This district is known for its youthful nightlife and offers countless cozy bars, urban cafes, and clubs. Our condo was walking distance to many popular spots and perfect for our food adventure.



Sandwiches Monstruos

As soon as we put our luggage down, we headed straight for Sandwiches Monstruos. We were hungry and this place hit the spot so well. It’s a hole in the wall without any seating. The sandwiches are simple – fresh bread; your choice of meat; and seasoning. The pavo, or turkey, was our favorite. The place is also open to 3 AM, making it perfect for drunchies. 20170914_151259


Burrito Bar

Sorry for our lack of photos here – we jumped straight in. We weren’t sure about what to expect from a burrito joint here, but they were delicious! The place is more Americanized and not very traditional. The fresh lime limonada was our favorite part.


Blu Gelateria

We’re not sure how we were able to fit in gelato after such monstrous burritos. We shared a half stracciatella (chocolate chip) and a sorbet. We’re not gelato experts, but we found it to be very creamy & high quality 🙂


Sofá Café Barranco

Sofá Café is a casual cafe, good for a quick bite, and there are multiple locations throughout Lima. We had a hearty brunch with omelette and coffee. The interior was stylish with a variety of plush chairs and sofas. The food was a little pricy but not bad for the ambiance and experience!



Beso Frances 


Right by the Park of Love is a small crepería called Beso Frances. We ran into this gem randomly and enjoyed a crepe with a cup of tea. The nice part was being warmed by the tea and enjoying the view.20170915_133535

Punto Azul

We both agree that Punto Azul is our favorite restaurant from our entire South America trip! The atmosphere was nice and the service was amazing. The price is not expensive at all for the food quality. To get you started, they bring out plantain and corn chips with homemade sauces. This place is known for its ceviche, so we knew we had to try some. We ordered lobster ceviche, salmon tartar, seafood spaghetti, and tomato rice. So much fooooodd.. everything was fresh and delicious. Their homemade lemonade is very tasty. We highly recommend you try this place!



Bioferia de Miraflores

We stumbled into this market in Parque Reducto No. 2. We tried a little bit of everything from coffee and wraps to quiches and tamales. The market is small and a great stop for organic and home made goods.

The tamales we had were to die for. We tried a sweet corn one and a savory chicken one. There were vendors standing with gigantic steamers serving them near the end of the market, and we hope they’re still there the next time we visit!



Sushi Pop

After realizing it was too late to reserve a spot at a top sushi restaurant, we went on a little Yelp hunt and gave Sushi Pop a try. We quickly realized this place was too “fusion” for us and ordered rice bowls instead. It was not bad but a little over priced for what it was!



Overall, Lima was a beautiful coastal city that’s well worth a visit. The cuisine and atmosphere was delightful, and if you’re a seafood lover, you’re in for a treat!

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