24 hours in Cuzco, Peru

We boldly squeezed as much of Cuzco as we can into a one day schedule! Cusco is a common pitstop before or after the mountainous trek to Machu Picchu. Because of this, it’s a pretty touristy city, and we noticed a large number of international travelers during our time here. Here’s how we made the most of our 24 hours.

Our view during our descent

Where we Stayed

We took an early morning flight from Bogota, Colombia to Cuzco, Peru. Our Airbnb hosts picked us up from the airport and introduced us around their cozy studio. The home was only 5 minutes away from la Plaza de Armas. They even made us our first cup of coca tea!



Mercado Central de San Pedro

After checking in, we grabbed our rain gear and headed to the San Pedro market. If you’re looking for an authentic experience, we highly recommend you check this market out. The market was all under a big roof, crowded with artisans, grocery stands, and eateries. Once inside, you’re instantly absorbed into a cacophony of vendors, buyers, tourists, and locals. On one end of the market is a cafeteria with small food stands and bleacher seats facing each. After one exploratory lap around the market, we tried a fried rice and chicken dish and it was delishhh!


Walking distance from the market is Plaza de Armas. It’s the main square of the historical area and a classic plaza full of cafes, architecture, and people. You should watch out for those tourist traps here. I (Eunice) encountered a baby alpaca and couldn’t resist to pet it and take photos with it. That ended up being $20 😂 So… here’s a $20 photo!




Jack’s Cafe

We stopped by Jack’s Cafe for a coffee break. It was filled with tourists and the menu items included everything we were craving from the states. In there, we ran into a traveller from Tennessee who told us he had just found the shop that sells the ceramics used in the cafe. We thought they’d be the perfect souvenir gift and went to the shop to buy a few. We forget the name of the shop, but you can find it near la Plaza de San Blas!


Walking around the cobble stone streets

Yoga Room Cusco

On our way back to our Airbnb, we noticed a hole in the wall yoga studio called the Yoga Room. We ended up taking the evening Vinyasa class. The session was very intimate with 4 students, and we felt incredibly relaxed afterwards.


Night walk after yoga


Inca Grill (Plaza de Armas)

Our jam packed day was nearing its end, and we were absolutely famished. We quickly scanned online for reviews and tried Inca Grill. The lomo saltado was A+.
We look so tired!
If we could do Cusco again, we’d probably take it slow and do more wandering without any specific plans. Our favorite part was strolling through the maze of colonial architecture and cobble stone streets. And every corner was a picture perfect sight.

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