24 hrs in Bogota

Bogota was our connection stop before heading to Peru. We were feeling pretty tired at this half way point of our 2 week trip, but we had to make the most out of the 24 hours we had. Here’s how our day went!

Tip: Uber seemed to be strictly forbidden at El Dorado International Airport, and.. hacked?! We tried to call at least 3 uber rides, and all of them ended up with the driver’s location remaining still and the driver not responding to any messages or calls. After waiting a while, we’ll cancel. It seemed like these drivers are spoofing their locations and taking advantage of cancellation fees without driving. We recommend you just take a cab when leaving the airport.

We stayed at the Hotel Ibis Bogota Museo. The rooms here are pretty compact and ikea-esque – perfect for our one night stay. As soon as we arrived, we ate burgers across the street at Home Burgers. Our foreigner appetites were craving some American, and this hit the spot perfectly 🙂

View from our hotel room
Home Burgers

After lunch, we walked to Plaza de Bolívar . Luckily, our only day in Bogota fell on a Sunday, and there was a lot going on on our route to the infamous square. There were tons of street performers, floor vendors, fruit stands, and families enjoying their day off. The plaza itself is filled with pigeons and cameras! We snapped a few good photos then headed to El Museo del Oro.

Bolivar Square

We arrived at the museum with about 45 minutes to spare and were able to get in for free because it was a Sunday. Our favorite pieces were the gold ornaments and jewelry worn by leaders of colonial times.


After the museum, we wandered around the area for a bit then took a pit stop at the nearby Juan Valdez (which is like the Starbucks of South America). We sat outside under the sun, with our lattes in hand, and listened to two lovely lads jamming out on the street. It was super relaxing to just soak in the liveliness of la Candelaria.

Walking around la Candelaria

We did some errand shopping afterwards then headed back to our hotel for a nap. Our restless selves decided to stay in for the night and eat dinner at the hotel. We both ordered a traditional “mountain” meal, and thought it was pretty bland (don’t recommend this if you’re ever at Hotel Ibis!)

As the capital and largest city in Colombia, Bogota felt more westernized and international than Medellin. For instance, we noticed a lot of U.S. – based chain restaurants and international food options. There were also a lot more corporate buildings and sky scrapers!

If you’re time in Bogota is as short & sweet as ours, we recommend that you stay in the epicenter of La Candelaria. You’ll get the opportunity to experience the historical sites as well as the urban cool of the city.

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