Kyoto, Japan

Our relaxing stay in Kyoto was perfect after exploring fast-paced Tokyo. Its quiet atmosphere, fine dining, and formal traditions provided us with a healthy change of scenery. We were primarily there to attend the Ruby Kaigi Conference at the Kyoto International Conference Center. Our mornings and afternoons were spent at the lovely, tranquil venue with our colleagues. We squeezed in the time in between the conference events soaking in the nature and stopping by some hotspots in Kyoto.

Here is what we did!



  • Walked around the quiet streets and wooden machiya houses of Gion, the geisha district
  • Enjoyed a high-class meal and a scenic view alongside the Shirakawa Canal
  • Grabbed some dessert and street shop on Shijo Dori
  • Danced the night away at Kyoto World Club
  • Drank with friends at a local bar on a detour street off Shijo Dori



Kyoto International Conference Center for Ruby Kaigi

Eunice feeding a baby monkey at the monkey park in Arashiyama
Delicious ball of goodness which is mochi at Demachi Futaba
Jason at Fushimi Inari Taisha
Unagi at Idumoya
Eunice on the bartender’s side of the counter top at a local bar
Chatting by the river after dinner
Arashiyama Mountains

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